• sat, jul 31:

    Jeans, Joe's. Wallet, Baggalini. Tank, Eileen Fisher.

    Belt by Worth. Shoes, Escada. Jacket by Orvis.

    Scarf , Ralph Lauren. Necklace, Felix X. Suitcase by Fendi.


    (See NEWS Section)

    The Wardrobe

    Selected Consignment in Monterey, CA

  • news..


    The Wardrobe has moved to a new location, effective July 1, to

    221 Grand Avenue (between Lighthouse Ave and Laurel Ave).


    The store will be open to the public on July 6.


    Now have consignment for Adults AND KIDS!


    If you are interested in making an appointment, please call

    831 655 3636 or send an email to info@wardrobeconsign.com.

    Gift Cards

    Available! In $30, $50, and $100 values.


    Please go the STORE tab to order or visit the shop.


    Our gift cards are printed on recycled paper and sent in a recycled envelope. Any questions, please send an email to info@wardrobeconsign.com!

    New In



    Urban Oxide

    Ulla Johnson

    DL1961 and Mother


    Cashmere Scarfs


    Articles on sustainable activities around the world are shared weekly here:


    2. OCEAN

    3. CITIES

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    Giving Existing Design New Alternatives

    Community, Exchange, and Choice

    sell AND buy

    A simple choice can make a huge impact. Repurpose your wardrobe and witness how it can embolden other areas of your life.

    Natural Fibers

    what we carry










    Wallets & Bags





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    for ALL:



    ..longer legs, shorter torso, higher waist, plus sizes, petite..

    ..conservative, eclectic, formal, cruise-bound..


    Breathable Fabrics

    Linen, Cotton, Wool, Cashmere, Silk...

    In addition to a dedicated Eileen Fisher corner, natural and organic material choices from similarly aligned designers are woven into your shopping experience.



    Each item is carefully selected and regularly inspected throughout its life at the store. We ask our consignors to examine the items before they are brought in, as if they were to purchase themselves.

    Fair Pricing

    For Buyer and Seller

    Our prices are considerate of the condition, age, retail value, and the spending habits of our wide-ranging customers. Sales (25-50%) are on everyday.

  • How It Works

    Consign with us!


    decide to re-orient


    The Wardrobe does not accept polyester, acrylic, or nylon blends for clothing, unless athletic/performance wear or designer wear ($300+ value).


    give us a call


    OR reach us by email or submit a comment as well (see "Location & Hours" section).


    start selling

    ---------------------------------------- !

    The split is 50/50, less a $2 handling fee for each item sold.

  • Product Showcase

    If you would like to purchase an item, please send an email to info@wardrobeconsign.com, with your item request and (phone) contact information. We are happy to set up payment over the phone as well as shipping service. More items are added daily.

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    30.00 - 100.00
    Gift Certificate to be used only at The Wardrobe thru June 30, 2021. $30 (Basic), $50 (Silver), and $100 (Gold) dollar values.
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  • 221 Grand Avenue
    Pacific Grove, CA 93950
    M, T, W, F, Sa: 9:30a-12p; 1p-3p
    Th, Su: Closed

    *Sat, July 31: 9:30a-12:30p
  • Summer 2020 INTERN!!

    Maria Teresa Arevalo Voorhees

    Hello, my name is Teresa. I was an intern at Pacific Grove’ s women’s shop, The Wardrobe. I am a graduate of Pacific Grove High School. Last fall, I was accepted to Brigham Young University in Idaho. I'm now majoring in Business Finance. My dream is to be a business owner. I also aspire to serve others and to ensure that others are successful professionally and individually. I've now moved, but by taking the business path, I know that I will be able to realize all of my aspirations to create a better future for generations to come.


  • teresa's Showcase

    Photographic display of outfits and attire

    Aquamarine display

    Some of our blue color palate.

    Boots, skirts, blouses, and sweaters.

    Vintage Plaid Outfit

    A vintage outfit complete with a plaid skirt and a round forest green purse.

    Vintage and fashionable.

    Vintage Shoe Aesthetic

    A display of black and white checkered vintage shoes matched with the "Simple Outfit"

    Checkered and pleasing to the eye.

    Simple Blouse Outfit

    An outfit complete with a flow white blouse and a black pencil skirt.

    Simple and stylish.

    Teal Southwest Outfit

    A boho teal dress matched with a brown leather belt and cowboy boots.

    Boho and southwest.

    Country Aesthetic

    A pastel green blouse with buttons paired with a beige scarf and an embellished belt.

    Country twist.

    Fashionable Country Outfit

    Full display of the items in the previous "Country Aesthetic". Denim skirt and cowboy boots addition.

    Country chic.

    Vintage Button up Blouse

    Vintage blouse paired with plaid shorts.

    Classic and stylish.

    Classic Summertime Outfit

    Navy skirt with white bicycles paired with a polo shirt , yellow sweater and a cashmere lilac scarf.

    Spirited and neat.

    Classic Summertime Outfit Full Display

    Full display of the summertime outfit paired with heeled black sandals.

    Dressy and lively.

    Lunch in The Country Outfit

    Aesthetic of a country outfit consisting of tall boots, a kelly green blouse, a cream skirt, and corresponding jewelry.

    Noble and Country.

    Lunch in The Country Outfit Full Display

    Full display of the Lunch in the Country Outfit.

    Refreshing and beautiful.

    Packaged at

    The Wardrobe

    Wrapped with Love,

    The Wardrobe

    Neat and Vintage

  • Shayla Francisco

    Hi! I am an intern at Pacific Grove women's shop, The Wardrobe. I hope to grow experience and knowledge about business owning and fashion in general. Currently I am a sophomore at Pacific Grove High School and have no clue what I want to pursue in the future but I hope it involves fashion and clothes!